Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monkey See

Hey there my loyal and long neglected blog followers.  I hope some of you are still there.  We recently celebrated the one year birthday of our twin boys.  Things are starting to seem somewhat normal in our home and I am reasonably sure we are going to survive.  In the beginning, the first six months, I was completely and totally unprepared.  As I discussed in one of my first blog posts, we really thought we had this parenting thing under control with the Diva.  We had even talked ourselves in to believing that twins would not be that much different than one.  We were wrong.

Tonight was a guys night around our house.  Not the typical drinking beer, watching football and grunting like apes kind of guys night, but it was most certainly a guys night.  Let me explain.

Mom, Diva and a few other girls are attending the Taylor Swift concert tonight.  Now, this is probably on of the major highlights of Diva's life.  She refers to Taylor Swift as her sister and can sing most of her songs from memory.  She's 4, it's ridiculous.  Ok, so I come home early from work so the girls can go out and eat before the concert and they are out the door soon after 5:00 pm.  The boys haven't eaten dinner yet, however, they were surprisingly happy.  This is somewhat of an anomaly lately as they have been in some strange growth spurt, teething, generally pissy mood.  We play for a while as their super healthy frozen mini corn dog meal is heating in the oven.  Hey, I said it was a guys night.  I sat them down for dinner and they ate like horses.  Does she EVER feed them?  Once dinner is finished I wipe them down and put them in the floor to play while I clean up the kitchen.

When the kitchen was clean I decided to play with them in the floor for a while.  They are even happier now than they were before bedtime.  While I sit in the floor, Donkey keeps bringing me books and playing in his new chair.  Shrek will go play with his toys for a while then come give me a hug, then go play with his toys again.  This is where the most guy thing of all guy things occurred.  It all started like this, I farted.  I know, crude, but it happens so let's move on.  At the time, Donkey was strolling across the floor and upon my event occurring, he looked at me, stuck out his tongue and made a fart noise.  He then proceeds to laugh so hard he falls over in the floor.  I have never seen him laugh so hard in my life.  I was afraid he was going to hyperventilate.  I'm talking one of those mouth open, belly shaking, toes curling laughs.  His brother is looking at him like he is an idiot and he comes over and gives me a hug.  I assure him his brother will be fine and everyone goes about their business.  Now, I was thinking about the whole chain of events and I had convinced myself it was pure coincidence.   Until he did it three more times.

If you follow me on Facebook you know that not long ago I had a status that went something like this.  "Donkeys latest developmental milestone is sticking out his tongue and making fart noises."  But, it was just something he did.  He had certainly never done it on cue, and in the correct context.

So we had our fun and played in the floor for a few more minutes when Shrek strolled over to me, gave me a hug, laid down in the floor and farted.  Without missing a beat Donkey looked over at me and made his new favorite noise.  They both laughed at each other and went on about their business.

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