Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ross Car Bomb - On The River

I knew from the moment she walked in the door this evening that it was going to be a special evening.  I wasn't wrong.  Cinderella was full of piss and vinegar, more so than usual.  If you are friends with my wife and I on Facebook you have already been treated to a couple of her "observations".  But I'll repeat them here.

First of all, I was helping one of our friends put together a pre-fabricated shelf for her desk at work.  You know, one of the little pressboard things with pre drilled holes.  Now, anytime I am assembling anything in the floor, little miss thing is right there up in my stuff.  Tonight was no exception.  Now that she's 4 years old, she is not content to just observe quietly.  So here is what she said:

Cinderella: "Dad, let me do that because I'm really good at screwing..."
Me: "Well so is your mother but you don't see her over here helping."
Cinderella: "Huh?"

At this point my wife and our friend are trying not to let her see them laugh and diva is just looking at me like I just said something to her in Arabic.  I dropped it and let her use the screwdriver.

Now that the work was done for the evening, it was time to get some food.  As you know, we have twins.  That means it is a little more difficult than just "running out to get a bite" than it was before.  Tonight everyone decided we needed to get out of the house and go to a restaurant.  We take the boys out and put them in their car seat, all the while deflecting the 475 million questions that come out of the 4 year olds mouth in any given moment.  I swear, I have never heard one human being say so many words in my entire life.  Some of them are questions, but mostly it's just a non stop yammering.  Our friend chose to just ride with us.  Even with twins this is possible because believe it or not there are two free seats in the back of the swagger wagon.  However, in order to get in to them you have to squeeze by the booster seat where Cinderella has built a little fort of crap to keep her entertained.  She doesn't need an air bag back there because of all the stuff.  This is where the next zinger that is worth mentioning comes in.

Our friend is putting Donkey in his car seat and Cinderella is, in true form, yammering non stop behind her and trying to push her way into the van and to her seat.  

Our Friend: "Hold on girl, I have to get my fat butt in there before you get in!"
Cinderella: "It's not a fat butt!  It's a VAGINA!"

We both look at each other.  Wha?  Her mother had just walked into the garage and caught the end of the conversation and is looking at me like I knew what the hell was going on.  Oh no sweet pea, this is your doing.  You were adamant that she know all the proper anatomical names for all of her body parts.  Well, there ya go.

Now, I was a little nervous because it was almost the boy's bedtime at this point and I was quite certain that the trip to the restaurant was going to be entirely unpleasant.  Turns out I was wrong.  We had a lovely evening.  We decided to go to Los Cabos in Jenks.  It's a reasonably tasty Mexican restaurant situated on the Arkansas river and they have a patio.  It was such a beautiful day that we were up for that.  Plus there are typically a lot of people stirring around which helps to keep the boys entertained.  We arrive at the restaurant and not only do they have a patio table available for immediate seating but there is a live band playing.  PERFECT!!!!

I know many of you reading this do not know my daughter.  I swear sometimes I don't.  She's outgoing, nothing embarrases her and she thrives on being the center of attention.  I honestly don't know where she gets it.  Another trait she has is the inability to sit still when ANY music is playing.  We leave the TV on a lot in the background with our iTunes library playing throughout the day.  When it is time for dinner, we have to turn it off or she will just sit at the table and dance instead of eating.  Well, you can imagine about how much luck we had getting her to eat with a live band playing.

I'm going to go ahead and apologize in advance for the shaky video.  I couldn't hold still because I was laughing so hard.  You can also hear the crowd reacting to her antics.  While you can not see them in the video, off to the left of the shot, there were probably 75-100 people watching her.  She lapped it up!!!

This dancing and carrying on went on for a good 30-45 minutes.  There were other people taking pictures and cheering her on.  I should probably check you tube this evening.

When she finally tuckered out and we were leaving the restaurant she asked us.  Daddy, can we come back to ross car bomb - on the river sometime?  Sure honey, as long as you promise to dance again. 

On the way home we lost the boys.

And when we pulled in to the garage, Cinderella was out as well.