Monday, October 18, 2010

I Have The Answer

We’ll get to the question.

Things have been really hectic around our house.  Before the twins arrival we had our routine down to a fine art.  It was home by 5:45, dinner around 6:30, Cinderella’s shower around 7:00, read a book at 7:15 and in bed by 7:30.  Jayna and I would have several hours in the evening to unwind and enjoy the silence.  Well, things have changed.  We still try to have all the kids in bed around 7:30 but we have had to divide and conquer.  One of us will work on getting the babies in bed while the other takes care of Cinderella.  Even then, we have found that we rarely have those precious hours to unwind.  Usually it is the babies that aren’t cooperating and by the time we get them in bed it is time for us to go to bed as well.

The other evening I was trying to get Cinderella ready for bed.  For some time now we have let her take showers with us when we are too worn out to wrestle her through a shower in her tub.  This evening was one of those evenings.  Cinderella and I went through our shower routine.  When we were done I dried her off and she stepped out of the shower to wait for me to get out to put lotion on her and get her pajamas on.  As I was drying off I see her looking at me, and then it happened.

“Daddy.  What’s that tail doing on your vagina?”

So, dads.  If you’ve ever asked yourself when your daughter is too old to take showers with you.  I give you the answer.

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