Tuesday, July 20, 2010

T-Minus 6 Weeks….ish….

And all hell is breaking loose. 

My wife's body is doing things that I thought were only possible in comic books.  I really hope for her sake these last few weeks progress quickly.  The heat index in Oklahoma has been well over 100 degrees for the past two weeks.  This doesn’t bode well when you are carrying an extra 20 lbs or so.  Jayna can get winded just thinking about getting up.

Shrek and Donkey are more like David and Goliath at this point.  Shrek is measuring 3lbs 6oz and Donkey is tipping the scales at 4lbs 8oz.  The doctor was a little taken aback by the large discrepancy in their size so he is sending us to the hospital for a “formal ultrasound.”  He indicated that if they were small babies he would be concerned but apparently she is growing Viking children.  He just wants to have another set of eyes take a look at the situation to make sure we don’t miss anything.   

Heh, I just called my wife’s belly a situation.  No, we’re not Italian.

Speaking of a situation.  I was getting ready to get in the shower this evening and Jayna comes in to the bathroom to brush her teeth.  As she approaches the vanity I see her reach under her belly with both hands and hoist it up to rest on the countertop like a sack of potatoes.  I am in disbelief.  She sees me looking at her and realizes what she has just done.  I can see the terror in her eyes.

“That’s going on the blog isn’t it?”

“Oh, that may as well already be on the blog it is so going on the blog!!!!”

We have many situations going on these days.  One of the other major situations around here is the sleeping situation.  On the lack there of.  For me, sleeping in the same bed with a 7 month pregnant woman is something similar to sleeping through a hurricane in a pup tent.  As a result, I have been somewhat cranky.  I’m sure many of you can testify to this, and I am sorry.  I suspect that is going to get worse in a few short weeks.  I will try to curb my crabbiness.

Cinderella is getting more excited by the day.  She talks about her little brothers every day and gives them a kiss goodbye in the morning before going to school.  We get daily reports from her teachers about what she did that day and the other day was particularly memorable, or terrifying, guess it depends on your perspective.  Apparently she was playing with a group of her friends, and they were playing house.  She announces to the entire class that she is the mommy and one particular little boy was the kid, and I quote, “that popped out of my belly.”  Really?  She’s 3.  All I have to say is, that’s on her mother.   These conversations are not ones that geeks handle well.

As I was just typing, Jayna just jerked and snorted a little.  I hear her laughing because she woke herself up.  Like I said, hurricane.

I’m signing off for now, I will post an update when we know more.  Our appointment at the hospital is tomorrow so we should have some more information then.

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