Monday, March 29, 2010

Just when you have one figured out.

I swear, this just keeps getting better.  We had another doctors visit today.  This was the day we were to find out what sex the babies are.  And we did.  Jayna and I had discussed what the babies would be.  We were certain we would have one boy and one girl.  It was just that simple.  We picked out names, started planning the nursery and just waited for the confirmation.  Even the three year old is convinced at this point that we are having one of each.  She even named them.

Today was the day, we have finally accepted we are having twins.  Some of our swagger has returned, well, except for the mini van.  We stroll into the doctors office and they shuffle us in to the examining room rather quickly.  They are really on the ball today.  The nurse asks us if we’ve picked out names.  Well as a matter of fact, we have.  We made the mistake of telling the comedians at the doctors office the names that big sister came up with.  It’s now in the charts and forever immortalized.  Apparently those are some of the best kid names they have ever heard.

The doctor comes in and starts the ultrasound.  Goo on the belly and away we go. 

“Look, they’re still there.  They look like 14 week babies to me, let’s check out the business end.  Baby A is a boy.”

I don’t know how they tell anything on those screens.  He pointed at the business but it just looked like a smudge to me.  Anyway, that’s ok, we’re on track for the expected outcome. 

“Baby B is…..A boy.”

“Yes doctor, we know baby A is a boy.  What about Baby B?”

“Look, right there.  See that?”

“Um, no doctor, what am I looking at?”

“You’re looking at a boy.”

“That wasn’t in the plan doctor.  As a matter of fact, a lot of things you tell me aren’t in the plan.”

“Maybe you should stop making plans.”

So there it is, we’re having twin boys.  I am a little shaken.  I just figured out how girls work. 

“I’m very disappointed in you” just doesn’t work with boys. 

The three year old isn’t very pleased with this news.  We explained to her that both of the babies were boys.  She immediately asked where the doctor was.  We told her we would let him know she wants to have a word with him.  Jayna informed her that Cinderella wasn’t a very good name for a boy.  She said, “That’s ok.  One can be Shrek and the other Donkey.”

Here we go, off on yet another adventure.  Hey, at least there is one distinct perk to having twin boys.  I’m no longer out numbered.  Bwaaahahahahhaahaha…

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